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Hi my name is Lindsey and I would like to give you a little insight in to who I am and how Blue Moon Events was born and how I began my business in Venue Dressing and Balloon Decoration.

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My Story

I am a Mum to 3 wonderful grown up children who I am immensely proud of and a Nan to 2 beautiful Granddaughters. I am an extremely independent, dedicated and driven 40+ year old that has been building my own business since 2017. I worked for the NHS for 10 years before taking the decision to work for myself and it was the need for something that would be challenging and keep me on my toes that saw me finally make the move I had been contemplating for some time.


I love a project; something to plan, to organise, to create and be passionate about. I love to see the joy on peoples faces of what I do for them and being my own boss gave me the freedom and opportunity to be creative whilst doing something I love. I am someone that will always strive for perfection which means I often push the boat out and go the extra mile if that is what is needed to accomplish what I am trying to achieve. Unfortunately, as my partner often tells me 'perfection isn't achievable' so I am always (and will always) be clocking up the miles.


When I started my business it was an idea that was somewhere very far from where it is now. Originally I opened a Greeting Card and Gift shop and did general Helium party balloons. It wasn't long before the big kid in me realised that playing with balloons was so much fun and I could create some fun and beautiful designs for peoples events and celebrations. This was the start of a very fast journey in to decorating venues for clients and saw me move in to the world of wedding venue dressing very quickly.  

Luckily, I have a great team behind me. A team that are not only family and have my complete trust but also allows me to have the time to source just what the happy couple need. A team that enables me to not only dress the tables and chairs and add the sparkle and shine to the room but also to create beautiful balloon walls, displays and arches giving great backdrops for photos. I always stay in touch with all my clients from the very first enquiry to their big day so I can be sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read 'About Me' I am looking forward to meeting you and discussing what we can do to help make your special day amazing. 

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