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Balloon Decoration

Please visit our reviews and testimonies page to read what our customers have to say.  

Balloon decorations are carried out at your chosen venue or for smaller displays can be collected from the shop if you prefer.

Only the highest quality of decorating balloons are used in our displays ensuring the longest float time achievable is maintained.

Approximate float time for indoor use:

11 inch  latex balloons - 12 to 20 hours

16 inch latex balloons - 30 to 40 hours

Foil balloons - 3 to 5 days

Please let us know if you want your latex balloons to last longer so we can treat them with Hi-Float (additional charge applies)

Please be aware that the room temperature has an effect on all balloons and may cause the balloons to shrink in the cold and expand in the heat. Float time may be reduced due to cool temperatures and on hot days or in direct sunlight, balloons may pop due to them expanding.

Any added materials such as personalisation, feathers or organza will also have an effect on float time. 

Due to the possibility that balloons may pop, we do not recommend having confetti or feather filled balloons on tables when dining.

BALLOON RELEASES - Please be aware that we do not inflate balloons that are intended to be released in to the sky.

pin it and bin it balloon

Please consider the environment and

its wildlife / marine life when releasing

balloons in to the sky.

Thank you.

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